Ukay X Mission Accomplished.

Buying expensive clothes should not be a necessity (one of my mottoes in life aside from “Time is Gold” - LOL). For me, if you want to look good, one must know how to carry oneself. Brands may help but always think of your budget (looking fine must not hurt your wallet, LOL). I can say that there’s a lot of alternatives in fashion that you can choose from. In my case, I always come to Ukay Store to look for good finds. If you have read the last post I created, I challenged myself to look for good pieces with a budget as low as P500. Here’s what I bought:

Part of my challenge is to wear the things I bought. To be honest, it’s my first time wearing shorts from ukay and that’s an achievement for me. Here’s the look:

It took time for me to look for good pieces in Ukay but eveything paid off really well. I am happy when I found this shamrock buttoned down and bought it for P120 (it’s really rare to find). To pair this up, I tried to look for a plain cardigan. Out of my patience and perseverance (LOL), I found a good color that was related to the top for only P180 (YEY).

To spice up the look, I tried to look for a good shorts. Good thing I found this shorts with a popping green color. Hope you love how all the pieces were mixed and matched. :)

Anyway, I’ll be posting this look on my Look book soon, need to edit something. :)

Thanks for reading my blog post for today. I hope that I helped you guys out regarding ukay shopping guides. Always remember that doing this kind of shopping will never label you as poor fashionistas, it’s about being a wise spender. Have a great day ahead guys! :)

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