1st X 2013

It’s January first of 2013 and i am really hoping for new opportunities and possibilities. I can say that last year was really a roller coaster ride for me. I have experienced going up and being held down and it strengthened me more. What’s important was my own way to withstand and overcome all of the problems I had (i learned a lot from it). I can say that 2012 was really great for me and i am looking forward for a greater year not just for me but for everyone.

Last year, I can’t help myself but not to forget to thank all those people who kept on supporting me. I can say that for every opportunity that i got was because of you. May you’ll be blessed for everything you’ve done awesome for me. Again, thank you.

Let’s go back to business. I am happy that i didn’t forget to take my first outfit shot for this year (looking forward for more outfit shots for 2013). I am hoping for good stuff to be placed on my closet and i am also looking forward to sell some of my clothes too for i gained a lot this season. To be honest, i gained like 8 kgs and that’s wow (will hit the gym asap). By the way, here’s my look for today:

It’s always been my own tradition to buy new stuff before the new year comes. For me, it will symbolize a lot of good stuff to be placed on my closet (hopefully). Anyhow, for my look today, it was really a last minute shopping. I bought this ombre sweater from bench from almost P770 down to P269 (sale time it is). I just love the details on it that’s why i didn’t hesitate to dig it.

To be honest, it’s actually my first look set that i didn’t smile with my full teeth on. Currently, I am practicing how to smile using my cat-shaped lips (that’s really hard to do). LOL. Again, here’s a candid shot (hope you’ll love it).

Look info: Ombre sweater - Bench. Buttoned down - Regatta. Chino Pants - Ukay. Shoes - Ukay.

Thanks for reading my post for today. This year, i promise to be more consistent in blogging and update you guys with latest menswear. I will change my blog skin so stay tuned. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart.:)

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