Pastels and Nude X Walking.

Christmas day is fast approaching and I can really feel the cool air. I know it’s impossible to rain snow here in the Philippines but I am contented with what weather we have right now (cool and not sunny). Hopefully, it will never rain these coming days for it will stir up all the happiness this season.

I wore pastel and nude colors today (trying to mix and match colors). I think these 2 colors are impossible to be mixed or matched up but I’ll give justice to it. The nude-colored tee was from Hang Ten. I bought this tee before on a bazaar in IL terrazzo (if you read my last tee post, I bought it together with this). The pastel colored-sweater was a long past due clothes to be worn on my closet (good thing I revived it). Hope you like the color combination.

I bought this watch from Cotton-On’s opening in Rob Magnolia last time. The watch’s cool and affordable so I grabbed it.

Based on what I have remembered, the last time I bought wallet was like ages ago (I’ll be happier if someone will give me a new wallet for its luckier based on Feng Shui, LOL). I visited Regatta store in Gateway and I love what I found. I am really rooting for a new wallet and good thing I found this cool money pack.

I also posted this look on my humble look book site. Feel free to check it here.

You can always reach me here ( Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my post for today. God bless everyone and i do hope you have a great day.:)

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