I am not feeling well when composing my blog post for today but still, my love for blogging needs to push through and for the sake of my 48 followers too (last month they’re only 3 – happy!). I am glad when I am receiving messages from them asking me what to do when wearing this and that, at least in my opinion, I can help others. I know I may not be one of the best bloggers in town but I really don’t mind. I just believe that “whatever your wants/needs in life, if you are happy doing it then just continue it”.

Let’s continue with my look today. It’s my first time wearing vertical -stripe top to be posted on my lookbook. It’s actually one of my high school polos that I tend to wear up until now. By the way, I was quite huge when I was in high school and all of my clothes are of size Large to XL. I was around 80+kg before but as of now, my body mass index matches with my height and weight (thanks God!). Anyway, let’s start.

Again (one of my high school polos), the polo that I wore was from Havoc. The good thing about this, is that I am really comfortable wearing this and it stands out to the test of time. It’s actually 9 years old. The cardigan was previously branded from my previous post (please check it out too).

Here’s the closer view of the polo with my huge smile.:D

The watch was actually given to me by my friend after he went to Hong Kong, well it’s really fun shopping there for all of the clothes and watches are of good prices that you can buy tons of them there. The watch really looks classy and cool and of a good brand too.

The pair of shoes that I am wearing was from my friend’s online shoe store (yeah, from the same online store I always posted here in my page, feel free to check my other posts too to find out). I wore this yellow pair to equalize the paleness of my top look – so I just added twist to a plain boring scene. Just be reminded that if you are afraid of trying out unrelated colors to top part, just stick to its related color (just a quick styling tip.) Also, vertical lines make you taller too - so it’s advisable to be worn by petites and healthy (you know what i mean) people like us .:D

By the way, this look was also posted to my lookbook account. Feel free to check it out too here:

thanks for reading my post. hope you’ll leave heart and comments so i can improve my looks too. thank you.:D

thanks to my blooming best friend Rexcheal Basang for the pictures.:D

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