It’s my first time wearing a cap for my look and I am not sure if this will fit me best. When I was younger, I used to collect a lot of caps with different styles but all of the pieces were gone. I am just thinking that my mom have donated those things to someone who can use it better than I. Before, when I used to collect caps, my favorite one is the messenger cap because it was the trend on that day and I am really comfortable when wearing one. As I grew up, my collection shifted to shoes and I keep on collecting different brands of it (that’s my heart desires for now, LOL).

Ever wonder how caps originated? Let me give you heads up for it. Cap, originally, is an indication of a social status or military nationality or rank. There is no specific date when caps/hats were used but the first pictorial depictions of a hat appears in a Thebes tomb painting which shows a man wearing a conical straw hat. Other early hats were the Pileus, a simple skull cap; the Phrygian cap, worn by freed slaves in Greece and Rome; and the Greek petasos, the first known hat with a brim (thanks to – my most reliable history of things). :D

So what about my look today? I just made it simple. Hope you like it. Let me give you the details on it. Here’s the entire view of my look today. The blazer on my look was from a thrift store and i just bought it for P200. Quite awesome, right? LOL. The pants is from Levi’s, my favorite jeans so far, it actually fit my big legs perfectly and i am loving it (boom boom pow).

The cap that I am wearing now is from converse, this is my first net cap. I think I’ll be addicted on collecting it as long as the budget will never be compromised. LOL.

The muscled shirt is also from converse, this is one of the pieces I bought when shopping at their warehouse sale last time. I just bought it for P185 from its original price of P500. The good thing about it, I love the simplicity of the style (never loud to the eyes) and it’s very comfortable.

I know, you have seen the Milano’s shoes multiple times but I am proud to say that it’s actually one of my best pair so far. As I have remembered, this pair is 2 years old and still kicking. It never failed to match with what clothes I am wearing from formal down to casual.

Here’s another look. This is the photo that i have posted for my look book and i am very happy that my site is kicking very well (i am very thankful to it). By the way, you can hype this style here:

thanks for reading my post and i hope you’ll love it.:D

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